Lynx final Roster
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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Southside Jr. C Lynx Coaching staff would like to thank everyone who attended our try outs. 
After some hard decisions the following players have been chosen for our roster:
Caelan Campbell 
Evan Nelson 
Brayden Monohan
Caleb Boswall
Spencer Blacquiere
Parker Gallant
Jett Trainor
Nick Buote
Lance Murphy 
Daniel Rice
Bret Reeves
Branson Conohan
Patrick Wyand
Spencer Toole
Ryan Lawless 
John Barrett
Evan Hume
Owen Pearce
Riley Molyneaux
There will be a team meeting at 8:40pm on Thursday and practice at 9:30pm in Crapaud. All players must attend.
Thank you!
South side 2nd phase
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Friday, October 21, 2022

The Southside Lynx coaching staff would like to thank everyone who attended our try outs.
The following players have been asked to return:
Ryan Lawless.                         Spencer Blacquiere***
Daniel Rice                              Caelan Campbell***
Lance Murphy.                        Dixon MacLeod***
Spencer Toole.                        Caleb Boswall***
Patrick Wyand                         Evan Nelson
Evan Hume.                             Parker Gallant***
John Barrett
Isaac Martin
Jaxon Wood***
Jayden Wood
Cole DesRoche
Owen Wilkie
Nick Buote
Bret Reeves
Colton Lowther
Branson Conohan
Brayden Monohan
Owen Pearce
Riley Molyneaux

There will be an exhibition game Saturday, Oct. 22 vs Sherwood in Crapaud. Warm up is at 7:45pm, game time 8:05pm.
The players with stars beside their names will not be playing/ dressing for the game.
Thanks again!

Sherwood Try outs
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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Monday Oct 10 8:20 pm @ Cody Banks
Wednesday Oct 12th 9:40 pm @ Simmons
cost is $15 per ice time  
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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Southside Try outs 
Saturday October 15 1:50 pm 
Monday October 17  9:30 pm 
Thursday October 20 9:00 pm 
All ice times are at Crapaud rink, $15 dollar per ice time or $40 up front for all 3. E-transfer can be sent to
Please register at the link below
For more information please Reach out to Michelle at
Posted By: 9928
Thursday, September 22, 2022

North River Flames Try outs 
The following are the dates for North River Flames try outs 
Tuesday September 27th 9:40 pm 
Tuesday October 4th        9:40 pm 
Tuesday October 11th      9:40 pm 
All are at APM center. There is a $15 dollar charge for each ice time or $40 up front for all 3  
2021/2022 League Awards
Posted By: Admin CH
Thursday, April 14, 2022

21/22 League MVP   -    Jack King , Pownal IceDogs
21/22 Top Forward    -    Alex McCarron, North River Flames
21/22 Top Defenceman    -    Dylan Mugridge, Sherwood Metros
21/22 Top Goaltender   -    Drew Chapman, Pownal IceDogs
21/22 Rookie of the Year    -    Gabe Hartlen, Pownal IceDogs 
21/22 Most Improved     -   Noah Brehaut, Pownal IceDogs
21/22 Most Sportsmanlike     -   Caelan Campbell, Southside Lynx  
First Team All - Star 
F - Cameron White    -     Pownal IceDogs
F - Thomas Rennie    -   Tignish Aces
F - Jack King       -    Pownal IceDogs
D - Mathew Mills    -  North River Flames
D - Sammy Docherty    -   Pownal IceDogs
G  - Drew Chapman    -   Pownal IceDogs
Second Team All-Star
F - Tristan Cahill    -   Tignish Aces
F - Ethan Oliver    -   Southside Lynx
F - Michael Jenkins   - Pownal IceDogs
D - Dylan Mugridge  -    Sherwood Metros
D - Caden Kielly    -   Pownal IceDogs
G - Zach Hughes   -    Sherwood Metros  
 Team MVP Awards
Sherwood Metros   -   Dylan Mugridge
North River Flames    -   Alex McCarron
Southside Lynx     -     Ethan Oliver
Pownal IceDogs    -    Jack King  
Tignish Aces     -   Thomas Rennie  
NR Flames Tryouts
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

North River Flames will be holding tryouts starting on Tuesday September 25th - Cost is $10/player per ice time!
Tuesday Sept. 28th 10:10pm APM
Tuesday Oct 5th 9:40pm APM
Tuesday Oct 12th 9:40pm APM
Any questions please contact Dave Watts 
Sherwood Jr C Tryouts
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sherwood Metros will be holding Tryouts to all interested and eligible players starting on Monday the 27th - Cost is $10 per player per ice time.
Monday Sep 27th 9:30pm Cody Banks
Monday Oct. 11th 8:20pm Cody Banks
Friday Oct 15th 8:40pm Simmons
Monday Oct 18th 8:20pm Cody Banks
Any questions please contact Lynn Palmer

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