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Viewing Gallery - 2019 Awards (created Feb 13, 2019)

MVP / G / Pts - Dawson Sellick (Tig)
Top Goalie - Sumner Docherty (Shd)
Top Defenseman - Bobby Jamieson (NR)
Defensive Fwd - Remi Arsenault (Sum)
.Most Improved Player - Connor Chapman (NR)
Sportsmanlike - Arsenaul for Will Tuplin (Tig)
Most Under-rated - Alex Young (NR)
Coach of the Year - Horne / Handrahan (Tig)
Manager of the Year - Dave Watts (NR)
Most Assists - Shawn Corney [35] (Shd)
1st Team Goalie - Koby Bridges (Tig)
1st Team Def - Keaton Horne (Tig)
1st Team Def - Logan Toole (Shd)
1st Team Fwd - Dawson Sellick (Tig)
1st Team Fwd - Shawn Corney (Shd)
1st Team Fwd - Brayden Arsenault (Tig)
2nd Team Goalie - Ryan Clory (NR)
2nd Team Def - Patrick Young (NR)
2nd Team Def - Ryan Campbell (Tig)
2nd Team Fwd - Connor Andrews (NR)
2nd Team Fwd - Tanner Power (NR)
2nd Team Fwd - Kyle Doucette (NR)

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